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Training or not?

Gucci or not?

Franck Muller or not?

Angel Heart or not?

Tendence or not?

Omega or not?

Nixon or not?

Daytona or not?

Timex or not?

Rolex or not?

Rado or not?

Mondaine or not?

Junghans or not?

Fuckin' watch.

Another Danny box.

Image of Phil.

Image of Danny.

Bye bye Danny...

Simple and elegant.

Danny and Phil.

About Phil.

About Danny.

Once more.

Just a little more.

Another one.

Are you full?

Danny or Knot or not?


Watches are...

Like Dummy.


Touch and go.

Not always...

Counterfeit or not?

Parallel imported watch.

Lose a turn.

Regular imported watch.

Regular or parallel?


Out of temper.

Temper or not?

Parallel import or not?

Dummy or not?

Is this an imitation Danny watch?

Is this a genuine Danny watch?

Like Danny.

Danny or not?

Completion of second grade.

Q.25 2014 (multiple-choice test of 2nd grade)